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Smells like Roses

jane dagny
Roses.jpgNew Year’s Eve was a blast! I hung out with good people and rang in 2010 with laughter and good times. That’s always a nice start to a new chapter. So I said to myself that I wouldn’t hold myself to the traditional “resolutions,” but hey, I set goals (same thing, I think). The usual goals come to mind – eating healthier, exercising more, being more proactive in my career goals,...
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Dancing With the Last Avatar

elbert traister
avatar3.jpgThis past week has been filled with rehearsals and a skit that I wrote and directed for my church. All in all, it was a great experience, and it was well received by the Chinese and English speaking congregations. I think a lot of people were surprised that I would write and direct a skit that is performed in Cantonese and English when I don’t speak Cantonese. That, of course, is the by-product of...

‘Tis the Season

jane dagny
christmas-cookies.jpgOk, I love the holidays. Why? Because of the FOOD. I love holiday food (well…food in general). The sweets, ciders, chocolates, wine and spirits, ham, turkey...the list goes on and on. (more…)
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Emotional Wellbeing During the Grieving Process

angie harris
funeral-flower.jpgA couple of weeks ago, the husband of one of my favorite aunts passed away. Prior to that, my father had passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. Obviously, my mother and siblings knew what my aunt and our cousins were going through. We were very familiar with the five stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. For anyone who has gone through the grieving process, you know what it is like. Continue Reading: Emotional Wellbeing During the Grieving Process