Smells like Roses

jane dagny

Roses.jpgNew Year’s Eve was a blast! I hung out with good people and rang in 2010 with laughter and good times. That’s always a nice start to a new chapter.

So I said to myself that I wouldn’t hold myself to the traditional “resolutions,” but hey, I set goals (same thing, I think). The usual goals come to mind – eating healthier, exercising more, being more proactive in my career goals, etc. Then I thought of one that has escaped me for many years. I set a goal to not take things too seriously. Not to say that I’ll be like the wind, but my goal is more to “stop and smell the roses,” so to speak.

Everything is about balance, and I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I can put too much pressure on myself. A lot of times I forget to enjoy what is happening right now, and that is a shame. One can always worry about the future, but sometimes we forget that one can always enjoy everything that is right in front of them at any moment.

Here’s to a wonderful 2010!

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