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Wedding Bell Blues

Francesca Silva
yoga-for-wedding.jpgIt’s been a stressful couple of weeks. My good friend’s daughter is getting married soon and I’ve been asked to help them prepare for the wedding - a supposedly blessed and fun event, yes? I’d always thought that my friend and her daughter were close. Of course, they went through the usual teenage years of angst, but in the last few years they had become closer than ever. (more…)
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Francesca Silva
AMGT_menopause_love_02.09.09.jpgI love my husband – I really do. He’s my best friend, my support system, and the love of my life. And we share the same (warped) sense of humour, so he makes me laugh ~ most of the time. Occasionally, though, he drives me nuts! I mean, what is it about men that they can switch on a light but can’t switch it off? Or they can open a cupboard door but can’t close...
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A Workshop for Yoginis who Run

Paloma Chavez
DC_yoga-for-runner.JPGAre you a yogini who enjoys running and is constantly looking for ways to incorporate the two? If so, you’re probably going to be excited to hear about an upcoming “Yoga for Runners” workshop in Venice, CA. Kimberly Fowler, creator of “Yoga for Runners,” will be offering a workshop on December 7th from 1 to 3 pm at the YAS Venice location. Having practiced yoga for many years and competed in marathons and triathlons all...

QiYoga: New Style of Yoga

Paloma Chavez
DC_QiYoga.JPGIf you are a student of QiGong Yoga from China or Hatha Yoga from India, then you will be familiar with the self-healing benefits that each practice offers. QiYoga, a unique new style of yoga, blends these two traditional practices and adapts them to suit today’s lifestyle. (more…)
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Goddesses of Yoga

Paloma Chavez
Goddess AthenaAfter leaving a successful career in advertising and marketing, Stacia Wells found a new passion in creating yoga athletic clothing for women – and her muse was a circle of goddesses. (more…)
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Mother and Daughter Yoga

Paloma Chavez
Mother and Daughter YogaRecently, just before sunset in the fields of Sullivan Farm, New Milford, Connecticut, mothers and daughters gathered to enjoy a yoga class together. During the yoga class, the pairs worked together, engaging in stretches, breathing exercises, and yoga poses. (more…)
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Building Hope with Yoga

Paloma Chavez
yoga1.jpgSue Jones, founder of YogaHope in Boston believes that everyone should be able to experience yoga without it being cost prohibitive. When she experienced the benefits from a yoga retreat in Hawaii, her heart opened to the desire of being able to provide yoga to those people living in challenging situations. (more…)
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YogaCaps Offers Relief for Cancer

Paloma Chavez
yogacancer2.jpgWe have heard many reports of how yoga has made a difference in the lives of people challenged with cancer. In New Hampshire YogaCaps has been an oasis for groups of women who are battling breast cancer. Terry and Ajay Gupta, the founders of YogaCaps provide an eight-week yoga program that includes “Hatha postures, breathing exercises, yoga Nidra and laughter yoga.” (more…)

Nischala Joy Devi New AudioBook

Paloma Chavez
devi.jpgWe recently had the great pleasure of meeting Nischala Joy Devi and experience her compassionate teachings. She  instantly filled the room with her generous spirit and  beaming smile. Today we wanted to take a moment to let our readers know about her recent announcement of an audio version of one of her most popular books. (more…)
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