Building Hope with Yoga

Paloma Chavez

yoga1.jpgSue Jones, founder of YogaHope in Boston believes that everyone should be able to experience yoga without it being cost prohibitive. When she experienced the benefits from a yoga retreat in Hawaii, her heart opened to the desire of being able to provide yoga to those people living in challenging situations.

This would include women who have been abused, are homeless or are in addiction treatment centers.

From her experience she reflects, “The practice of yoga has been shown to produce positive motivational change by helping women regain their vital center of energy, satisfaction, and stability.” In addition to their teaching, they offer a scholarship program for an individual to attend a teacher training certification program from Yoga Alliance. Once they have completed their training they become eligible to work for YogaHope.

YogaHope is a non-profit that has gained wide recognition for its unselfish services and has now extended its work to Seattle, Long Island and North Shore, Massachusetts.

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