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Painful Decisions

Neil Pearson
Pain makes some decisions difficult. Choosing how much activity to do in the face of pain adds to the stress. It can feel impossible to predict how much we will be able to move next week or how much we will pay for completing an activity. Many of my patients have told me “pain is a moving target”, “the link between pain and movement can be unpredictable”, and “I hope...
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Neil Pearson: Blogging Begins

Neil Pearson
Finally, after a few years of good intentions, I am sitting down to blog. According to a quick internet search, this means that I am going to share ideas, information, opinions, and reflections. From a personal perspective though, much of what I intend to share is being passed on through me to you from my colleagues, teachers, patients and students. There will be some thoughts I consider my own too,...

Gary Kraftsow Explains It All

Lia Aprile
Full disclosure: I am a yoga teacher, and it’s very possible that I’ve felt a little, um…scoff-y about “yoga therapy” in the past. I’m not admitting anything outright; I’m just saying it’s possible. Because, come on, “yoga therapy”…what is that, even? I imagined that, at best, it might involve sitting in a therapist’s office (all brown leather couches and impressionist paintings of storms) being prescribed some count of down-dogs as...