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Weekend Violence

elbert traister
This past weekend I got to see my first piano recital. I have never played the piano, and in fact, I have very little musical talent to boast of. It always amazes me when I see other people do musical things because it’s so far removed from what I feel I am capable of doing. I also think this keeps me from being able to appreciate it...
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The Price of a Smile

angie harris
How much would you pay for a price of a smile? These past couple of weeks I’ve been in a weird mood – neither happy nor sad. I think the best way to describe it is “blah.” I was in a “blah” mood, probably approaching depression, but not quite there yet. Anyway, I was working at an event with my fellow balloon twister, “Balloonloodle”. As we were...
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Farm Rasied Salmon Healthy?

jane dagny
I’ve been cooking a lot more these days than before. Maybe I’m getting older…or am starting to take this whole global recession thing seriously. Whatever the reason, one great thing is that I have a clearer idea of what I’m actually eating. Or do I? I now have an annoying habit of checking into every little detail of what I’m eating. Where are these apples from? What ocean do...
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Life – Will You Be Remembered?

Segovia Smith
What if life after death was known? What if we knew with 100% certainty that we would all be going somewhere, even if it was just right back to earth and being reincarnated as something or someone else? What if your report card was judged by the quality of people who attended your funeral? What if you were judged by the things they said about you after you were gone? Continue Reading: Life – Will You Be Remembered?