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year-of-the-tiger.jpgIt’s 2010! This last year in particular seemed to just fly by when I think about all that has happened, and all that didn’t happen. There are blessings to be found in both areas for most people, I would think.

As I have recently returned from a visit with the old family, I am reminded of many things. Most importantly, as I alluded to earlier, time does fly. I see my family probably 5-15 days out of the 365-day year.  Sometimes I fleetingly think that that is way too much, but more often I know that it is simply just not enough. Relationships are hard work, particularly when there are one-year gaps between personal visits.  Nevertheless, that does not make the endeavour any less meaningful, or desirable. I enjoy my time with my family, and it would suit me fine to find more ways to spend time together.

As I reflect on the last year, I am reminded of something that I try to teach my kids in my youth group. Never presume someone, including yourself, to be a simple sum of their past experiences. For in doing so, the passion to become more than who you have been and the ability to see others for more than what they been will be diminished by mistakes long since gone.

Happy Year of the Tiger!

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