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Breathing Is for Living: Part 2

Anatara Buckley
What is your breath doing? We have established previously that the breath is not only vital to the survival of our physical being, but that it is also vital to the sustenance and maintenance of our spiritual and emotional bodies. When the breath is fluid within us, encountering no obstacles or blockages, we can utilize the oxygen, prana and renewing energy of the breath, unencumbered. In this case, the breath is pure nourishment. It...

Deadlines and Downtime

Megan Mcdonough
Deadlines are a funny thing. I buckle down and get things done for a tight timeline. But when the deadline is far in the distance, I feel like I have all the time in the world to get something done. And therefore nothing gets done. A tight deadline is like the whirling dervish syndrome right before vacation—quickly tying up loose ends, getting tasks completed that have been sitting in the inbox...
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