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Painful Decisions

Neil Pearson
Pain makes some decisions difficult. Choosing how much activity to do in the face of pain adds to the stress. It can feel impossible to predict how much we will be able to move next week or how much we will pay for completing an activity. Many of my patients have told me “pain is a moving target”, “the link between pain and movement can be unpredictable”, and “I hope...
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Swimming, Fear and Toughing It Out

Neil Pearson
I was presented with an important decision last weekend. The options were to withdraw from an activity in order to stay safe, or perform an activity that involved a certain amount of danger. Not only had I planned for and approached this activity with a sense of control and confidence, I had been preparing for it for a few months. In an instant, I questioned my capabilities, felt my body...


Christina Souza Ma
I was brought up with very strict boundaries in my childhood. It’s an interesting journey that I’m on now, balancing my own upbringing with that of my own child. Where do we draw these unseen lines in his life? How do we navigate when to extend them out further or bring them in? (more…)
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