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Magical Medical Tour: Radio GaGa

Glenn Wollman
In the era of pads, pods, berries and droids, the radio has become obsolete, except for a few of us troglodytes. The other day I had my radio on as background for the soundtrack of my life and I realized it was not on my station. Someone had moved the dial. As I was tuning back to my station I started thinking about the clarity of the first signal, the...

Cell Mates

Glenn Wollman
Think of your body as a complex organism (I know I do). It contains systems such as the nervous system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, etc. Each system is composed of multiple organs and specialized tissues: brain and nerves, stomach and intestines, heart and blood vessels. Continuing in a microscopic direction it eventually becomes evident that we are all made of cells (which have various functions depending on their...
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I Don’t Feel Your Pain

Glenn Wollman
When you come to me or any other physician with the very common and sometimes critical complaint of “PAIN”, we enter in to a magical medical tour in order to figure out the problem and hopefully find a solution to resolve the cause. If limb, sight or life are at stake, communication needs to be more rapid and very clear. In less critical moments we can go at a different...
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