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Sitting in Stillness

Kat Robinson
ponderingLiving in today’s world of hustle and bustle, sitting still is one of the hardest lessons that must be learned. I often remind my students that, even when they believe they are relaxed, they may not be. In fact, most aren’t. It is an exercise as much as any other exercise. We, as a people, have a difficult time just being still. It seems there are always errands to run...
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Fresh Water Mermaids

Anatara Buckley
Mer-Folk In the Great Lakes I am going to take a leap into a realm that I have recently been visiting. The leap is not that I have been experiencing the life of others, in a realm that we don’t often think about. The leap is about sharing it. And sharing is what these gentle mer-folk have been doing with me. While in the waters of Hawaii, I had many experiences of interaction...
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Change is Necessary

Christina Souza Ma
Change is always necessary for everyone. There are different paths of change that we can choose. As with everything, there are better paths than others. I believe that when we get stuck in one direction, that’s when things fall apart. When we change or shift, it will emanate around us. But it does begin with ourselves. The most important point is not to go on the path of anger. I have seen it...
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In the Land of OM – Adventure #1

Cat Chin
As I enter the grounds of the Tadasana Festival of Yoga & Music, I have to walk through the Eco-Conscious Marketplace, which is a cluster of many tents, each one offering many amazing and green products to purchase. But I need to check in and get to a class, so shopping and browsing can wait. There are classes and speakers held in five major tents with the top yoga teachers and...

Why Get Angry, Turn to Harmony

Anatara Buckley
What polar bears and mammoths share with us... We all have the tendency to express anger about certain things. Some things just push our ‘buttons’, making us want to react with angry words or outbursts of loud and aggressive behaviour. This anger usually feels justified. It feels as if we have the ‘right’ to be angry about whatever it is that has triggered our anger. And it also feels as if taking...

Meditate…oh sure

Francesca Silva
Stop the planet, I want to get off! Well, not really – I’m kind of enjoying myself at the moment, even though I feel like I’m caught in a vortex and would appreciate having a bit of time to come up for air… My sister is visiting and we’re having a lovely time catching up on our lives and spending quality time with Mumsie, who’s absolutely thrilled to have her two...
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Yoga and Glaucoma

Francesca Silva
Our treadmill arrived last week, and Hubby and I have now settled into a routine. It’s working out very well so far but I still miss my yoga, so I decided to do some research to see if there are any types of yoga I could do that would not adversely affect my eyes. Really, if I’d taken a bit of time to think about it, the solution would have...
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Christina Souza Ma
Changes in our lives continue to happen, whether in regard to our life journey or our planet. What happens to us when we get too comfortable in our situations? When there are no changes or shifts, or when we stop noticing them? We become familiar, lazy – stagnant. In the flow on things, we begin to miss steps that we would usually do. (more…)
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Letting Go

Francesca Silva
Okay, I’ll admit it. I hold grudges. If I want to, I can cling on to a grudge like you wouldn’t believe – barnacles on rocks have nothing on me. I know, I know – we can all get upset about things said or not said at any given time, but some people manage to shrug it off and forget about it. Me? Not so much. I mean, I remember something...
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Francesca Silva
Now, don’t get me wrong. I love having my family here. We all get along really well and it’s wonderful to watch Mumsie literally basking in the glow of being surrounded by her whole family. But life is busy and chaotic with a houseful of people. Our days are filled with “what shall we do today?” or “let’s meet up with xxx” or “let’s go to the mall (or the park...
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