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Christina Souza Ma - Co-Found of YogaHub

My name is Christina Souza Ma and as the founder of Yogahub, I would like to share my yoga journey with you. I started off having many misconceptions about the practice of yoga. Like many individuals, I was curious and yet wary of all aspects of yoga. Having always had poor balance, I was reluctant to try yoga because I was fearful of looking silly.  I also couldn’t let go of my ego, which demanded that I be the best in whatever I did.

Yoga was first mentioned to me as a young teenager by my sister-in-law, who knew I was intent on keeping fit because I had to battle many ailments in my youth. I was curious, so I heard her out but wasn’t convinced. The next time it was mentioned to me was when I was working on a film with Ali MacGraw, who was kind enough to share with me how wonderful yoga was. She told me that she practiced it every morning, even though we were filming in Thailand, and she spoke about how it continued to enrich her life.  This made me even more curious, and yet my ego still wouldn't let go.

Years later, my dear friend, Margaret Kruszewska, opened a yoga studio.  To support her efforts, I finally decided to take my first plunge into the world of yoga. To my surprise, I found it awesome. Not only did it give me an incredible workout and help me improve my balance and posture, but it also taught me how to control my breathing, which in turn helped cure me of the allergies and asthma that had haunted me my whole life. Even though I started by attending classes only twice a week, I was astonished at the focus that I achieved and the peace of mind it gave me. I was hooked!

I began to promote it to clients, friends, and family. I received the same reaction from them that I had given to my sister-in-law so many years ago. They had their own pre-conceived notions of what yoga was, so they politely heard me out but remained unconvinced. However, I persevered and started sharing with individuals some of the poses that would help relieve many of their ailments. It was at that point that many of them realized how beneficial yoga could be in improving and maintaining their emotional and physical health, and they started on their own yoga journeys.

Yoga continues to sustain me in all areas of my life, and I can think of nothing better than to share its benefits with as many people as possible through this interactive website community.

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