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The Healing Benefits of Reiki

Kat Robinson
ReikiI began studying Reiki and energy healing well over ten years ago. At first, I was really skeptical. I just didn’t see how someone placing their hands on me would have ANY healing benefits, much less MANY healing benefits. But I have always been open-minded and willing to try new things. Since that time I have learned about how the body works energetically, and how a positive mind and relaxed body can...

Clean Up Your Mess!

Kat Robinson
I recently spoke with someone who has been trying to deal with problems of the past. Unfortunately, the way this person is trying to deal with it is by ignoring it. He seems to live by the mantra of “live in the now”, each time shoving the problems back down. Except that the problems seem to be fighting back in the way of panic attacks and adrenal fatigue. Being a good...
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Dolphins Initiate Healing

Anatara Buckley
I have heard for many years that dolphins can “heal” us. Now I know that they really can. Perhaps they are simply offering energetic information that we can access and follow. However they affect us, healing and balance is the outcome. I have expressed my feelings about how wondrous and personally integrating face-to-face time with the dolphins can be. In the last six weeks, since my return from my experience with...
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Cures, Divination, Trance-Channeling

David Cumes, M.D. / South African Healing Wisdom & What it has to Offer the West Cures, divination, trance-channeling and more What a delightful surprise it was to discover David Cumes’ presentation among the offerings of this year’s YogaHub Conference. Indigenous medicine and healing is an area of deep interest to me, so I made a beeline for this presentation and was not disappointed. With a couple of weeks...

In Gratitube Act Five: Healin’ and Dealin’

Glenn Wollman
Two weeks passed before I felt comfortable leaving my sanctuary to venture into the real world. I plugged the supra-pubic catheter and carefully secured it in my fiancée-designed, custom-made, inside the waistband, semi-sterile (not even) samurai pouch. I presumed that no one in the restaurant could tell I was packin’ (a catheter, not a pistol/piss tool). Using my Diaper Dude super powers (Act Four), I began visualizing and imagining all of...

What is Healing?

Anatara Buckley
What does healing mean to you? We all want to feel whole. We desire a sense of completeness. This is a sensation of being all right within our bodies, our minds and our lives. There are relationships and events that seem to reflect a lack of resonance, or seem to suggest that there is something out of alignment within us. Sometimes it simply feels as if we don’t belong and are not welcome within...
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Brick Wall

Francesca Silva
So last week I hit the proverbial brick wall – BAM. I’m still not sure what happened. One minute I felt fine, and the next I felt totally drained and “zoned out”. (more…)
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Francesca Silva
Now, don’t get me wrong. I love having my family here. We all get along really well and it’s wonderful to watch Mumsie literally basking in the glow of being surrounded by her whole family. But life is busy and chaotic with a houseful of people. Our days are filled with “what shall we do today?” or “let’s meet up with xxx” or “let’s go to the mall (or the park...
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Headlines, Relativity and Health

Glenn Wollman
On Thursday, July 8, 2010, I was catching up on the news through my various sources: radio, television, internet and newspaper headlines. It was day 80 of the Gulf oil spill. It wasn’t the lead story and, in fact, had already disappeared from the front pages around day 67. It made me realize how the relativity of perspective influences our lives. To a Louisiana fisherman: a disaster; to a BP...