Headlines, Relativity and Health

Glenn Wollman

On Thursday, July 8, 2010, I was catching up on the news through my various sources: radio, television, internet and newspaper headlines. It was day 80 of the Gulf oil spill. It wasn’t the lead story and, in fact, had already disappeared from the front pages around day 67. It made me realize how the relativity of perspective influences our lives. To a Louisiana fisherman: a disaster; to a BP (British Petroleum) stock holder: an unlimited liability (at least until the leak is stopped); and to a fisherman-stockholder: imagine that perspective.

That day’s headline was not about planetary wars, the economy, the World Cup, or Healthcare. It was about an elite professional basketball player announcing the team he would be playing for in the future. The Media was ablaze, pundits were “punditing,” sportscasters were “casting” and one station even devoted an entire hour of air time to the spectacle. The world waited and watched.

We go from one headline or lead story to the next as it affects our lives and impacts our wallets. “Out of sight, out of mind.

The same concepts apply to our personal health/healing. We are concerned when it takes on a relative importance and, depending on our perspective, we place other issues in front. Working with my clients, I emphasize a conscious, proactive perspective towards health/healing and the necessity to always keep health on your personal front page, although it need not be the lead story all the time.

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