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How to Teach an “All Levels” Yoga Class

Kat Robinson
yogaclassOne thing that I have learned over the last 14 years of owning my studio is that an all levels or combination class is a very important factor. Many of struggle to get every student we can possible get to walk through the door so we aren’t going to turn them a way and tell them that the Beginner’s class is tomorrow night, they may not come back again. Many...

No Community is Perfect

Kat Robinson
After hearing all the drama and controversy going on in the yoga community this week — you know, the whole Yogaglo trying to patent their camera angles thing, and yet another famous yoga teacher thinking it is okay to have sex with students — I started questioning whether or not we should be looking at reality tv for yoga. All the disappointment from so many people. It is sad to know that...
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Interprofessional Education Award

Neil Pearson
On Friday May 25th, I was honoured to receive the Excellence in Inter-professional Pain education award from the Canadian Pain Society. I am the first physical therapist to receive this award, and I believe the first educator who is not an academic-researcher, so it is a very special honour. As part of the award, I shared a 45-minute presentation at the conference, so I thought I would write a summary...

Taming Your Email Inbox

Segovia Smith
After a three-year sabbatical on email, I’ve decided it’s time to check back in with reality and take a strong hold on my digital life (in other words, my email inbox). Since I started developing for the web back in 1996, I’ve been witness to one of the biggest time sucks known to man… …Email, and the steady and ever increasing mountain of crap that somehow finds its way into my inbox (and more...
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Pre-Conference Highlights

Lia Aprile
Greetings, YH-VC Goers! (Or, for you non-acronym-types: Greetings, YogaHub Virtual Conference Goers!!)… Are you getting as excited as I am for the main event? Five full days of virtual conference awesome-ness is a-coming, and I am jazzed! At last, enlightenment shall be mine!! Well, alright, enlightenment might be a tall order for a single conference…but a girl can dream, can’t she? Sigh… (more…)
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Calm Down Nerves

Christina Souza Ma
teleseminar.jpgI had totally forgotten what it’s like to have those “first time” nervous tensions swarm over me. You would think at my age and after all I have gone through in my life that these would have dissipated by now. However, getting ready for YogaHub’s first Teleseminar Series was not - I repeat - not easy on my mind, body, or spirit. I was rattled for several days. I...
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