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Lia Aprile

Greetings, YH-VC Goers! (Or, for you non-acronym-types: Greetings, YogaHub Virtual Conference Goers!!)… Are you getting as excited as I am for the main event? Five full days of virtual conference awesome-ness is a-coming, and I am jazzed! At last, enlightenment shall be mine!!

Well, alright, enlightenment might be a tall order for a single conference…but a girl can dream, can’t she? Sigh…

However, I’m not writing just to lament the long road to total god-realization…I’m writing because I happen to have an inside track on some of the serious wisdom that is going to be on display in just a few short days, and I wanted to share with you, oh chosen ones, a couple more reasons why you should be very excited for conference-time. So, sit back, take a look, and prepare to get your pre-event buzz on!


1. Megan McDonough. That’s right, you’ve seen her name all over the YogaHub website. You knew she was one of the producers of the conference, but did you also know that she’s awesome?

She. Is. Awesome.

Megan is going to be giving a workshop during the conference called Living with Ease – and if that title alone doesn’t get you revved up, if the promise of sweeter, deeper, more easeful day-to-day existence isn’t enough to sell you – then what if I told you that Megan is a totally grounded chick with a great belly laugh? Still not enough? How about if I told you that she is going to give a workshop that is truly interactive, and interactive in a way that will require you to use your intelligence and your wit – and maybe, just maybe, to totally surprise yourself with your own insights? Getting a little more curious?

Because I am super fancy and have super fancy press-access to the 2011 Virtual World Yoga Conference, I managed to get a sneak peek into Megan’s workshop. And let me tell you, she has some things to say that are going to make you feel both gooey with comfort (I am allowed to relax!) and also all a-quiver with inspiration (I did some of her exercises…and the ballpoint pen on my desk has never seemed so beautiful). She is a graceful teacher with insights to share that are immediate and applicable to actual life – yes, your actual day-to-day sitting/standing/doing things life. What she has to teach you is about finding ease right here, in the body and life and heart that you are currently living in.

Check out her session…you won’t regret it!

2. Jyotish Novak. Um…how do I…I sort of feel like I should just write OM, over and over again, in an attempt to convey the calm, insightful wonder that is Jyotish Novak.

But instead I will just say this…If you are either: A. meditating already but suspect you might be doing it wrong; B. meditating already (you hope correctly) but could use some inspiration to keep coming back to your seat; C. endlessly attempting (and failing) to keep a regular meditation practice; or D. not a meditator, but feel like you ought to be one…then this workshop is for YOU!

As a member of category “C” (above), I have been to oodles (and I mean oodles) of “how to meditate” classes, workshops and seminars, and while I have found many of them useful, I’ve always left feeling…well, just as confused about meditation as I was going in. Not so with Jyotish Novak.

I mean, seriously, where has this guy been all my life?! The techniques presented in his workshop How to Relax, Concentrate and Interiorize in Meditation are SO clear and still SO open…I learned things from this man in a single hour that are going to revolutionize my meditate-ing life. I have never been presented with such succinct and approachable instruction when it comes to developing and maintaining a meditation practice as I have from Jyotish. So, if you are looking to start or deepen your practice, or if you’re one of us guilty yogis who KNOWS you’re supposed to be meditating but can’t seem to find your groove with sitting still…you have got to check out Jyotish. He will make you excited to get your meditation on!

Check him out at the conference and see if he doesn’t just make you want to say OM, OM, and OM.

  • Lia is a writer, actress, yoga teacher and the creator of Shanti Town, a blog about yoga, but mostly about life (the messy kind). Please contact Lia Aprile through the YogaHub community.

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