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Sometimes You’re The Windshield and Sometimes You’re the Bug

Kat Robinson
Life can be such a series of ups and downs. One day you are going along, happy and hopeful, and the next day you are faced with challenges beyond comprehension. It is always a dance. My youngest daughter just got married in April of this year. She and her new husband have been in the process of buying a house. It has been one hopeful moment followed by disappointment one after...

Mass Transit

Glenn Wollman
Einstein proposed that Energy equals Mass at the speed of light (squared). However, Energy may not equal mass, especially at the speed of life (one second per second). This conclusion came to me while I was attending a funeral Mass for my friend, a Franciscan Monk. (more…)
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Inspirational Quotes

Megan Mcdonough
This morning I went to add a new saying to my “favorite quotes” folder and found that the file was gone. I’ve been adding to that document for over a decade, collecting all the sayings that touched my heart, gave me inspiration, or provided a new perspective. Now the inspirational document is gone—probably accidentally erased when I was cleaning up the hard drive. It’s like a metaphor for life. Sometimes...
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Stop the Whirlwind!

Christina Souza Ma
I’ve spent years working feverishly, keeping up with business and not realizing that my personal life was coming second…until now. I’ve come to realize that my tsunami was a result of catering to the needs of others. It was necessary for them to proceed in their flow…not mine. Upon realizing this, I have now had to stop and make changes. I need to move and flow in life and...
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Mom, Your Life is Boring

Megan Mcdonough
My son Jonathan was home sick this week, so he got to hang out with me. He saw first-hand what I do during the day – doing the laundry, writing, recycling, returning books to the library, talking on conference calls, and working on the computer, among other things. By day three, he was well enough to go back to school, and sick and tired of my daily routine. When...
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Easter Bunny Time!

Francesca Silva
Every year, my husband and I have family and friends over for Easter lunch, which has always been followed by an Easter egg hunt and a piñata for the kids. All kids are welcome, including ones from our neighbourhood, who miraculously seem to know the right time to show up at our doorstep. (more…)
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Prescription Drugs and Our Health

Christina Souza Ma
Prescription-Drugs.JPGThe other day I was taken aback when one of my family members told me he was on high blood pressure medication - in fact, four members of my family were. I remembered as a teenager being told that high blood pressure was genetic in our bloodline. My father had passed away from a heart attack - not from his first one, but from the last of several attacks he had had over the years. I...

Crystal Energy

Christina Souza Ma
CSM_energies_02.06.09.jpgI thought I’d follow up on one of my recent blogs, where I talked about the incredible energies that I had experienced from various plants and my surroundings during one of my trips to Vancouver, Canada. Well, the last time I was there again was during the holiday season, when Vancouver was experiencing the heaviest snowfall in decades – it just engulfed the entire city like never before and...
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A Lazy Day

John Sovec
Sleepy PuppyIt is very rare that I spend a day doing nothing. I wonder why. Of course, there’s usually a lot to do each day. There are many things I am passionate about – but occasionally I decide I need a “do nothing” kind of day. (more…)
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Living the Natural Life

Paloma Chavez
TeepeeIn Eagle Rock, a small neighborhood in Los Angeles, Amy Woodruff, who is of Chocktaw and Cherokee descent, has chosen to live life in a teepee. Amy was raised on a family farm in California and lived in New York for a few years, but she has no regrets about giving up the fast pace of that city to enjoy a tranquil life in her outdoor home. Continue Reading: Living the Natural Life