Living the Natural Life

Paloma Chavez

TeepeeIn Eagle Rock, a small neighborhood in Los Angeles, Amy Woodruff, who is of Chocktaw and Cherokee descent, has chosen to live life in a teepee. Amy was raised on a family farm in California and lived in New York for a few years, but she has no regrets about giving up the fast pace of that city to enjoy a tranquil life in her outdoor home.

An artist and a naturalist, Amy has found a renewed spirit by making the airy 16- foot diameter teepee her home. “It is really special to be able to see the stars at night through the top hole, and to be able to hear birds in the morning,” she says.

Amy recently began taking Kundalini yoga classes five times a week from the renowned Golden Bridge Yoga Studio in Hollywood. She reflects that “You really begin to find out who you are when you do yoga, and things from the past come up when you are working on your self.” This newly found sense of self has inspired her to learn more about her heritage, which is reflected in the Native American-inspired jewelry that she creates and sells in selected stores, as well as online.

Choosing to live in a teepee also allows Amy to fold up her home and head out on the road to explore new open lands. She is currently enjoying travels through Arizona, New Mexico, and Oregon, while taking time to share Kundalini yoga with her fellow travelers.[tags]Amy Woodruff, Kundalini , living in a teepee, Chocktaw and Cherokee heritage, self-awareness, spirit of yoga[/tags]

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  1. Kundalini Yoga is especially concerned with the personal psyche, the so called self. Actually through kundalini Yoga one gets to understand the composition of the self, The increased awareness gives insight to what is actually the psyche and what are its component parts.

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