About YogaHub

Our YogaHub team is composed of students of all levels who have been inspired by yoga. At YogaHub, it is not our intention to tell you how or when to practice yoga, or even to promote a specific school or form of yoga. Our intent is to gather the information and let you decide what is best for you at this time of your life. We understand that each person's practice and journey are unique.

As practitioners, we realize that yoga studios and classes may not be accessible for many individuals who are interested in learning more. We also understand that there are individuals who are afraid to take the first step in public. We hope to address this through the creation of our online community.

We want to foster a community spirit and encourage everyone to participate by sharing information, starting dialogues, hosting teleconferences, reviewing products, and offering inspirational writings of individuals who would like to share their own practice of yoga – all while having fun and laughter along the way!

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