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Time for Yoga

Francesca Silva
Last week, my yoga-passionate cousin and her husband came for a visit. It was lovely to spend time with them and we all enjoyed ourselves, especially Mumsie, who is very close to her God-daughter. One night, after everyone else had gone to bed, my cousin Jo and I had a wonderful chat about yoga – the whole mind, spirit and body aspect of it and how it has helped both of us so...
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Christina Souza Ma
Changes in our lives continue to happen, whether in regard to our life journey or our planet. What happens to us when we get too comfortable in our situations? When there are no changes or shifts, or when we stop noticing them? We become familiar, lazy – stagnant. In the flow on things, we begin to miss steps that we would usually do. (more…)
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Getting Back to Yoga Again

Christina Souza Ma
It’s been an interesting journey for me these past few months. I had been wanting to return to my daily yoga practice with my partner and whoever else was interested in joining me. I used to have such a wonderful personal practice that was so inspiring and energizing, so to suddenly not have it was difficult. (more…)
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