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Comparatively Speaking

Everything about the giraffe’s body is built for one thing: reaching towering heights. As the world’s tallest land animal, they have an unrivaled reach. With legs that are taller than many humans — about 6 feet — to a neck that weighs over 600 pounds, the whole structure enables the giraffe to eat tasty treats unavailable to others constrained closer to earth. Yet you don’t see other animals lamenting the fact...
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Farewell and Welcome Again

Christina Souza Ma
My dear, dear uncle has finally transitioned to his new journey. The last few months, we spent several hours a week together. Not the same as when he was staying in my home, but still it was wonderful to laugh together and — being Portuguese — eat together! (more...)
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Monkey follow Master

Christina Souza Ma
I watched my little Zen master playing with my uncle the other day. Almost 90 years’ difference. I was shocked when I saw them both sticking their tongues out at each other in that naughty way that I am sure we all remember. I say that I was shocked because I have always taught my child that this sort of behaviour was not allowed, but what can I say now? (more...)
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The Balance of Life

Francesca Silva
Taking care of my mother, as she becomes less independent, has made me realize how precious life is. She used to be the mother and I the child. Now, as she ages, I am witnessing our positions begin to reverse – am I now her “mother” and she my “child”? It’s hard to watch Mumsie, who’s always been a vibrant, warm and loving woman, slowly but inevitably become more forgetful, confused...
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Being A Mother

Christina Souza Ma
It’s so strange to me that I celebrate Mother’s Day now as a mother myself. Whenever my son calls me “Mummy”, it is hard for me not to think of my own mother. It’s almost a strange moment. . .a hesitation to respond, even though it’s been several years since he’s been able to speak. (more...)
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What is Family?

Christina Souza Ma
I was really moved to write this as it has been on my mind lately since I have been working with my 91-year-old uncle. Funny how I have had many interesting comments since taking him under my care. “Is he your father’s brother?” “Is he your mother’s brother?” No he is neither, he is actually my father’s cousin by adoption. (more...)
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Balancing with the Hopping Bunny

Christina Souza Ma
Hippity hopping through the beginning of this year of the Rabbit. I feel like I have been hangin’ on to one of the bunny’s ears as it flops around during the bouncing. Wheeee. Whoooaaaw. The universe has had so many of us whirling with the winds because our beautiful planet is in such a state of change and shifts. (more...)


Francesca Silva
Okay, after acquainting myself painfully with a brick wall a few weeks ago and wallowing in self-pity for a while, I decided it was time to snap out of it. I hate feeling sorry for myself; it’s so boring and tedious – not only for myself but also for everyone who has to put up with me. (more...)
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