Yawning My Way through The Days

Francesca Silva

Oh my gosh…I’m so sleepy these days! I just can’t seem to stop yawning and am struggling to keep my eyes open. Even as I’m trying to write this blog, I’m losing my concentration – all I really want to do is put my head down on the desk for a snooze (excuse me – just give me a few minutes…)

Life is quite chaotic with my sister and her family visiting, so this constant drowsiness is really quite disconcerting. Conversations seem to pass me by, with everyone participating while I sit there desperately trying not to nod off. During dinner the other evening, for example, everyone else was having a fascinating conversation about strategies for making our homes green. Usually, I’m right in the middle of these conversations – especially as this is one area that’s close to my heart. But this time, my contribution was zero as I was too busy concentrating on staying awake. I finally couldn’t hold back any longer and emitted a long yaawwwwnnnnn…satisfying for me but it certainly stopped the conversation cold.

Are we boring you then?” my sister asked (sarcasm is just one of the many attributes we share). As tempted as I was share our sarcastic gene by answering in the affirmative, I had to confess that I’d been feeling really sleepy these past few days and couldn’t understand why. I was sleeping well at night – better than usual, in fact – and I was finally getting more exercise by going to yoga with my sister. And yet I couldn’t shake this sleepy feeling…I felt like I could sleep for weeks!

Well then, go to sleep!” my sister suggested.
But it’s only 8 pm”, I replied.
So what? You’re sleepy – go to sleep! Didn’t your yoga instructor tell you to listen to your body? Well, your body’s telling you to sleep – so go to sleep!

Hmmmmm…hate to admit it but my sister had a point. So that’s exactly what I did – I went upstairs, changed, got into bed, and slept straight through until almost 10 the next morning!

Over coffee after our yoga class that day, my sister and I chatted about my soporific state. “It must be me,” she said jokingly. And that’s when the penny dropped. “Actually, I think it is you,” I responded. It hit me that since my sister’s been here, she’s taken over a lot of care for Mumsie, which has given me a break from the normal routine. And that break is enabling my body and mind to feel relaxed and more at ease, which in turn means I can catch up on some much needed uninterrupted sleep – bliss.

So having analyzed myself into exhaustion, I’m now going to bed to get some sleep. I’ll catch up with you another time…when I’m feeling more awake.

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