Dolphins Initiate Healing

Anatara Buckley

I have heard for many years that dolphins can “heal” us. Now I know that they really can. Perhaps they are simply offering energetic information that we can access and follow. However they affect us, healing and balance is the outcome.

I have expressed my feelings about how wondrous and personally integrating face-to-face time with the dolphins can be. In the last six weeks, since my return from my experience with the dolphins, living in my usual domain of home, work and play, I have noticed subtle and profound physical changes as well.

While swimming with the dolphins, I asked them to use their awareness and wisdom to ‘work on me’ in whatever way they felt would be appropriate. I floated in a sea of trust for what they might be able to facilitate for me.

There are a number of things that I can pinpoint as having been altered, or fixed, and there are also some others that are apparent, but a little more vague.

So what’s different?

· My breath is deeper. It is clearer. It feels like each inhalation fills up a greater capacity of lung area than it used to.

· My energy level is more consistent. I experience fewer times of low energy, where I used to feel like I was dragging myself around.

· I am sleeping more soundly and for longer periods of uninterrupted time.
This is a BIG one!

· A tendency toward frequent sinus infections seems to have subsided.

· I can literally feel my heart beating with a physical voice, which creates a greater awareness of it than I had before.

And most important of all :
My spine is more supple, has less pain in it, and seems to ‘hold me up’ with an ease that is new.

I was born with a spinal anomaly, one of my vertebrae is mis-shapened. It causes the rest of my spine to stack up above it in a not so natural alignment. This can create pain, and has done so for many years.

When I first returned from my healing with the dolphins, my back was in spasm more than at any other time in my life. It felt very unstable. It felt like it had been unravelled somehow. I couldn’t feel my usual sense of ‘uprightness’.

This has now shifted, and my spine feels straight, strong and sure. The pain and muscle spasms have abated. I can trust it completely

This change was initiated by the dolphins. Was it through their sonar scans of my body, which I could feel as we swam in tandem? Probably. I feel that they started a physical opening for my back to find an easy alignment. They showed my cells which way to start moving. They created an awareness of a new direction. My body recognized the possibility in this, and continued on its own.

It makes me wonder what else they initiated within me…
What other physical, mental and emotional elements of my being are shifting with and without my awareness?

So far it’s been wonderful!

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    Author: Anatara Buckley

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