Why Get Angry, Turn to Harmony

Anatara Buckley

What polar bears and mammoths share with us…

We all have the tendency to express anger about certain things. Some things just push our ‘buttons’, making us want to react with angry words or outbursts of loud and aggressive behaviour. This anger usually feels justified. It feels as if we have the ‘right’ to be angry about whatever it is that has triggered our anger. And it also feels as if taking a ‘stand’ on the issue will solve whatever the problem is.

I saw this from an interesting perspective this week.

My brother-in-law came to visit and brought me a lovely little gift. As a flight attendant, his plane had been forced to make a layover in Gander, Newfoundland. While there, he purchased a small, necklace-sized carving of a polar bear. In meditation, I held the bear in my hand with reverence, feeling its smooth and polished surface.

The image was so simple. The polar bear seemed so whole, so complete, so beautiful. I could feel its essence roaming the ice flows, diving into the blue depths of the arctic waters, and at times searching for an instinctual way of life that was disappearing for its kind as the oceans heat up.

I was tempted to impose sadness on the polar bear and its ‘plight’. I could feel myself becoming angry at humankind, including myself, for the things we do that are changing the face of the earth and the habitat of the polar bear. But the bear would not accept this. Instead, it gave me a knowing nod, explaining that it was accepting of what was going on. It let me know that polar bears, and all of the other species that seem to be vanishing from our visible earthly plain, have another place to go. This other ‘dimension’ may not be visible to us, but it is quite welcoming to whoever, and whatever, can no longer exist here on earth.

There is no angst among these species. They have pointed out to us that we are perpetrating destructive habits. And they are looking at the changes through acceptance and harmony, rather than through anger.

There is another important element to the experience of the carving.

It is made out of mammoth ivory. The ivory that is sanctioned by animal protection groups as no live animal has to die for us to ‘use’ it.

As the polar bear spoke to me, so too did the mammoth. It revealed much about life in what we colloquially call the ‘ice ages’. It explained that conditions on earth changed, and that mammoths and other species of animal ceased to have an environment that would sustain life for them.

This invited me to ask our Mother Earth how she felt about the changes that we have initiated for her. She expressed some discomfort, and some frustration, but most of all a Love of being our loving ‘parent’.

She clearly told me that she is not angry with us…she simply wants to help us understand what we have done. And to teach us what we can do to avoid this situation again.

As we witness some frightening earth changes that are happening now and to come, it is not the result of our being anything more than ignorant and unaware of certain truths. We can also learn this through harmonious acceptance of that which makes us angry.

It seems like such a ‘big’ blunder that a race of animals, humans, can destroy a planet as incredible as the earth. And let us learn from the Earth’s response to this on how to deal with our own frustrations.

Our Mother Earth is simply looking for harmony and balance. She is shaking here and there, she is attempting to restore her own equilibrium. It is not anger we receive from her…it is truly only love.

She would need to employ the same set of balances, whether the imbalance occurred from being struck by a meteor or being mis-used by humans.

I started to look at the things that frustrate me sometimes, and noticed that what I really wanted in those situations was to restore balance.

Balance usually generates harmony. I am going to flow with what presents itself.
I am going to stroke my tiny polar bear and remember the ‘truth’ in its message.

With Love and Blessings,

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