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Why Get Angry, Turn to Harmony

Anatara Buckley
What polar bears and mammoths share with us... We all have the tendency to express anger about certain things. Some things just push our ‘buttons’, making us want to react with angry words or outbursts of loud and aggressive behaviour. This anger usually feels justified. It feels as if we have the ‘right’ to be angry about whatever it is that has triggered our anger. And it also feels as if taking...

Balancing Act

Christina Souza Ma
How funny that lately my flow of thought continues to be about balance. This whole month of July has just swept by, filled with the illusions of life that surrounded every situation and moment. The illusions have flowed like dreams, from one scenario to another. Like a river as the water trips and falls over stones and boulders, never knowing where it is going to end up. That was my month...
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