Magical Medical Tour: Radio GaGa

Glenn Wollman

In the era of pads, pods, berries and droids, the radio has become obsolete, except for a few of us troglodytes. The other day I had my radio on as background for the soundtrack of my life and I realized it was not on my station. Someone had moved the dial. As I was tuning back to my station I started thinking about the clarity of the first signal, the static and noise as I shifted, and finally the new signal. I knew I was back on my station once I heard Queen singing “Radio Ga Ga”.

It was a quasi profound moment when my scientific mind started thinking about Signal to Noise Ratio, a measurement used to define how much a signal has been distorted or corrupted by noise; or the level of desired signal over background noise.

It made me realize how important it is, while listening, reading or watching the news, to determine whether it is signal or noise. This also applies when we are meditating, trying to sleep, or having a conversation. Sometimes signals may be clear but they are the wrong signals or just plain noise, especially when they are coming from the body, mind, or the environment.

Are we receiving and sending clear signals – or is it noise?

Stay tuned for the next blog covering other aspects of my Magical Medical Tour:

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