Cell Mates

Glenn Wollman

Think of your body as a complex organism (I know I do). It contains systems such as the nervous system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, etc. Each system is composed of multiple organs and specialized tissues: brain and nerves, stomach and intestines, heart and blood vessels. Continuing in a microscopic direction it eventually becomes evident that we are all made of cells (which have various functions depending on their specific tissue or organ).

Now think of a one-celled organism (I know I am). It has essentially two functions: survival and growth (in order to propagate).

When this one-celled organism is exposed to toxins, either environmentally or directly, it will go into survival mode and attempt to escape , mutate, weaken or die. While in this mode, most of its energy is spent on survival and not on growth. On the other hand, in a nurturing environment or with healthy nutrients, most energy is spent on growth.

Now think of your body again but this time imagine it as made up of a really large number of one-celled organisms (I’m picturing it now). From this perspective, review your environment and the things you directly put on or in your cells. Realize that you have influence and responsibility for these little hard working cells. Do you want them in survival mode where they may malfunction, mutate into something like a cancer cell, or die? Or, do you want them in a healthy, nurturing mode for growth and repair?

Sometimes things are out of your control and your cells need to be in survival mode. This could be during a course of chemotherapy, or simply a viral upper respiratory infection.

When you do have to go into survival mode, help the cells do their jobs by resting, taking appropriate nutrition, limiting toxins, and nurturing yourself a lot.

Honor your cell mates. They are working hard to keep you healthy and happy.

Stay tuned for the next blog covering other aspects of my Magical Medical Tour.

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    1. ONC says:

      Thank you so much for the analogies. I won’t forget survival vs growth mode.

    2. Debra Winston says:

      Wonderful! I am thinking of the complexity and beauty right now…thanks for the reminder, and our responsibility.
      I love you,

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