Yoga Connection

Francesca Silva

It’s surprising how yoga can transform an acquaintance into a friendship so quickly. Perhaps it’s just a matter of two or more individuals finding common ground and connecting over something that we enjoy.

As I mentioned in my last blog, Hubby’s cousins from Portugal stayed with us recently – seven in all, which made for a full house (mild understatement)! Hubby hadn’t seen them for quite a few years and I’d never met them, so it was a matter of getting to know one another. They’re all lovely and we got along remarkably well right from the start (just as well, seeing they were staying with us for two weeks).

One morning, I was chatting with one of the cousins, Luiza, who mentioned that she’s a yoga practitioner and enthusiast. Well, that connected us both pretty quickly – and off we went on our own yoga journey.

It turned out she was missing her daily practice as well, so we decided that we would carve some time out in the morning to practice. We agreed to take advantage of the lovely weather by having our yoga sessions in the garden every morning.

So that’s what we did – we met in the garden every morning, unfurled our mats, and went through a restorative yoga routine. Neither of us put any pressure on the other – by the second day, we both seemed to be able to just flow into our practice. After our yoga, we would prepare our cappuccinos and have some breakfast out in the garden – bliss.

A few days later, we were joined by Luiza’s sister, Marianna, a willing “newbie” who, after some initial reluctance, took to yoga like a fish to water! And of course she joined in our post-yoga breakfast, which is when we got to learn more about each other and share memories of their growing up with Hubby, some of which were hysterical (and will be filed away for later use on Hubby)!

What a difference that morning yoga practice made for all of us! It helped Luiza and Marianna shake off the jet lag that had been plaguing them and gave me a renewed energy and enthusiasm. We all felt rejuvenated, energized and ready to go out and have fun!

My newly found friends have gone home now but we’re continuing to keep in touch. Hubby jokes that, considering they’re his cousins, I’m in contact with them more than he is but, thanks to yoga, I feel blessed to have been given yet another gift of two new friendships to cherish.

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