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I’m a Libra, so it’s all about balance for me…except that these days it’s more like IMbalance!

We have visitors staying with us again – seven in all this time. My sister and her family left a couple of weeks ago and we had just a few days’ break before Hubby’s cousins came. And while they are wonderful and easy going people, there’s still a lot to do and there are times when I’m not sure which “cap” I’m wearing (chauffeur, tourist guide, chef, etc). I also have to take Mumsie into account to make sure she’s not overdoing it or encouraging me to overdo it. As I think I’ve mentioned before, she’s from the old school of hosting, so she thinks it’s only natural for me to add “personal slave” to my already full repertoire. Bless her – she tries her best to help but, at 92, there’s not much fetching and carrying she can do.

I recently realized that all the juggling I’ve been doing this summer has left me in a constant state of imbalance. I haven’t had a chance to go to my yoga class and I miss it – oh boy, do I miss it! As for meditating, I was doing really well for a while but these days I’ll be lucky if I have two minutes to contemplate my navel, never mind meditate for twenty minutes…

Ah…such is life. But you know what? I’m happy – exhausted but happy. There are so many people in this world who have nobody to care about them or share their lives with, whereas I am blessed to have so many loved ones who want to spend time with us.

Yes, my cup is more than half full – but living in an occasional state of imbalance is not necessarily a bad thing. So I’ll just go with the flow right now and find my balance in enjoying the company of loved ones.

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