Don’t Be Too Late

madoka kasahara

eye-pillow.jpgI’ve been working literally like crazy recently. Since half of the YH team members were gone during the holidays, the rest of us had to work twice as hard to prepare everything for the upcoming virtual yoga conference. We were supposed to have a day off on December 31st, and then it became a half-day off, but we ended up staying until 4 o’clock on the New Year’s Eve.

Once I got off from work on New Year’s Eve, I had a wonderful time focusing on my personal life and business during my three daysoff. However, having returned to work on Monday, I’ve already started being bombarded with things that I have to take care of, both for my regular work and my personal business. . I start working at 9 am, go home after 6 pm, and start taking care of my acting jobs until 2~3 in the morning every day. As everyone is aware, everything is on computer nowadays, so I recently calculated how long I’ve been using computer a day. It’s come out to 17 hours (!?) – minus probably one hour overall for eating lunch and taking a shower. I have even been skipping dinner every night during my crazy working hours.

I feel so bombarded even though I try not to. I try to take it easy. I’m surprisingly fine physically and emotionally at some level, though. But what is not cool is that my eyes have been burnt. It’s been very difficult to keep my eyes open and I sometimes get teary while looking at the computer. Every night I put cold eye pads on my eyes before going to sleep, but they didn’t work anymore. That’s how exhausted my eyes were. It’s hard to concentrate on anything when my eyes are like this. So last night I put warm towels on my eyes and went bed earlier, although it was still past midnight. .

It worked!! My eyes are less stressed this morning. I was so glad I’d listened to my body, which told me that my eyes didn’t need cold pads but hot towels.

I know from the bottom of my heart that I shouldn’t torture myself like this, but I still need to keep moving on until my body tells me to stop. I shall be very careful to open my heart and keep listening to what my body is telling me so that I can avoid being told  “it’s too late.”[tags]bombarded, busy schedule, taking care of eyes, looking at computer, how to take care of eyes, instinct, listen to body[/tags]

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