The Price of a Smile

angie harris

How much would you pay for a price of a smile?

These past couple of weeks I’ve been in a weird mood – neither happy nor sad. I think the best way to describe it is “blah.” I was in a “blah” mood, probably approaching depression, but not quite there yet. Anyway, I was working at an event with my fellow balloon twister, “Balloonloodle”. As we were making balloons for this particular event, we came across a child who was in a wheelchair.

I can’t remember what she was suffering from, but she looked pretty frail. Both “Balloonloodle” and I made her something special, nothing too complicated, but a bit more advanced than the basic balloon sculptures. I made her a big butterfly and handed it to her.

The smile on her face really touched my heart. Something as simple as a balloon butterfly can make someone really happy. The joy on her face was so touching. This really reiterates how one person can change another person’s outlook. It just goes to show the truth of the old adage, “when you are open to give, you are also open to receive.” Not only was I able to touch her heart, but in return, she also touched mine.

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