YogaCaps Offers Relief for Cancer

Paloma Chavez

yogacancer2.jpgWe have heard many reports of how yoga has made a difference in the lives of people challenged with cancer. In New Hampshire YogaCaps has been an oasis for groups of women who are battling breast cancer. Terry and Ajay Gupta, the founders of YogaCaps provide an eight-week yoga program that includes “Hatha postures, breathing exercises, yoga Nidra and laughter yoga.”

In an article from India New England Terry Gupta states, “ We both really believe that yoga heals, not cures.” They both have done extensive research and have spent many hours volunteering for the American Cancer Society. While it is certainly a tremendous gesture of support for these women, they too have close friends and family that have been touched with the disease.

In their work they have developed a number of classes and workshops called capsules. Each capsule is individually designed and is based upon the person’s current needs. According to their site “Each of the techniques may include a single aspect of practice or unique combination of information, yoga posture(s), cleansing exercise(s), breathing exercise(s), visualization exercise9s), or a verbal toning of a vowel or mantra.

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