Yoga Teacher and Minister

Paloma Chavez

janetuma1.jpgJane Tuma is deepening her life on many levels. Her love and commitment to a yoga practice came from her desire to find a solution to her stressful job as a CPA. In an article from YogaChicago resource guide, we learn about Jane Tuma and her journey from CPA to Iyengar Yoga and to Presbyterian minister.

So often we don’t have a chance to get to know how our yoga teacher came to be a mentor of our yoga practice. This article takes us step by step of Ms. Tuma’s career, investigation into yoga and then her spiritual path. What is encouraging to read is the gradual yet specific actions she took to create her ideal life. She says, “ All the postures the ancient yogis devised were not an end in themselves, but to prepare the body so it is stable for [contemplating God].”

Today she is working towards her graduation form McCormick Theological Seminary in May 2008. She commented, “I feel my yoga work is a ministry in its own way.”
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