Goddesses of Yoga

Paloma Chavez

Goddess AthenaAfter leaving a successful career in advertising and marketing, Stacia Wells found a new passion in creating yoga athletic clothing for women – and her muse was a circle of goddesses.

When Stacia realized that her advertising career wasn’t challenging her any longer, she looked to her own circle of women friends to find inspiration and rejuvenation. Their strength and confidence, combined with their innate femininity, inspired her to set up a yoga apparel company for women. As Stacia explains, “Women do so many cool things when they grab the reigns of their lives. And for my business I wanted to celebrate these women. To me, each of them is a goddess.”

Now, after two years of planning and organizing, Fertile Goddess is open for business. Each line of yoga and athletic clothing bears the depiction of one of nine goddess figures from history – from Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom to Oya, the African guardian of the Niger River and representative of feminine leadership. For Stacia, Fertile Goddess is about “the inspirational connection between real women and the bountiful power and wisdom of ancient fertility goddesses.”

All of the yoga apparel created by Fertile Goddess combines “supple and comfortable fabrics, spa-inspired colors and feminine designs.” The clothing line ranges from tanks and jackets to pants and even tote bags illustrated with the image of the goddess of your choice.[tags] Stacia Wells, yoga business woman, Goddesses of Yoga, Fertile Goddess, yoga apparel for women[/tags]

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