QiYoga: New Style of Yoga

Paloma Chavez

DC_QiYoga.JPGIf you are a student of QiGong Yoga from China or Hatha Yoga from India, then you will be familiar with the self-healing benefits that each practice offers.

QiYoga, a unique new style of yoga, blends these two traditional practices and adapts them to suit today’s lifestyle.

Yogini Fiona Kaczmarczyk, creator and founder of QiYoga explains that, As healing is their main aim, visualizations are employed to integrate the mind and the body of its practitioners.

Given that each practice has value in increasing flexibility, balance and energy, the joining of the two seeks to provide added benefits such as Chakra balancing, energy harnessing, and improving the immune system.

QiYoga’s instructors are all highly qualified and trained in the two ancient practices. They offer a variety of classes, including a unique fertility course that focuses on strengthening the reproductive system in order to improve fertility. In these sessions, instructors work with women to remove any energetic or emotional barriers that may be causing infertility, and individuals who have participated in this course can attest to the beneficial results.

QiYoga is located in southwest London and offers a full range of classes and training. Check out their website at for more information on this unique style of yoga.

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  1. Skye says:

    Hi there,

    The correct QiYoga website is, this former one does not work. Can you please amend?

    This style of yoga has completely changed my life and I want the world to know about it! It is the most healing style I have ever come across. Thanks to Fiona’s QiYoga I am a proud mother and no longer an asthmatic!! Amazing!

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