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madoka kasahara

This-Is-It.jpgI went to a screening of “This Is It” the other night. I was very hesitant about going to the screening, partially because it’s a documentary film, which I’m not a big fan of, and partially because I have never been interested in Michael Jackson.

All of my friends who saw the movie gave me positive responses when I said I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to watch the film or not. Even though I still wasn’t convinced by their encouragement, I went to see it to check out why they were so enthusiastic about it.

WOW! I was very, very impressed with the film. Now I know why people loved it – not only because they liked Michael Jackson, or because he was the king of the pop music, or even because he had passed away – but because the film itself was so good. This documentary film is full of great material, with excellent editing and wonderful performances.

I was totally into the film and was able to feel the enthusiastic energy shown by all the performers, dancers, vocalists, music band members, production crew members and, of course, Michael. I also enjoyed the film on another level – as a performer/artist who wants to be there, who wants to work with great artists like Michael, who misses being on the set so very much. I always love the energy on the set, when every one of us is eager to create and succeed on just “one” project for our audience and fans, to lead them into a fantasy world.

After the screening, there was a Q&A with the creator/director of the concert that unfortunately turned into a documentary film because of Michael’s death. There were so many interesting questions from the moderator as well as the audience and he answered each one of them sincerely. He also told us a couple of funny episodes that had happened with Michael in the past. I was happy to watch the creator/director and listen to him talk about Michael, because he was so sincere. He must have been sad, disappointed, and maybe a little angry about the unfortunate accident that happened to his good friend, Michael Jackson, but he spoke confidently and you could see that he had a very clean and good spirit about Michael.

I was so glad that I made it to the screening, as it left me feeling very satisfied, having received such a wonderful spirit from the creator/director as well as from the film itself.
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