Thanksgiving Reflections

Segovia Smith

salsa-dancing.jpgWith the Holiday season in full swing, we’re starting to receive more out-of-town guests. Some stay for a day or two, others a week or more.

What I’ve found interesting about our last visitor is that she chose to integrate fully with our daily lifestyle and routines. Things that I do every day and sometimes take for granted, like a 30-minute morning walk, or a daily yoga session, and even just things like dancing salsa in the kitchen.

It got me thinking and reflecting just how fortunate I am to be able to enjoy so many gifts – the amazing sunny Los Angeles weather, the ability to work from home, the freedom to set my own schedule…even having all my own limbs intact and, of course, enjoying the comfort of my good health.

I just hope that our traveling visitors return to their homes, having been inspired by our daily routines, and find a way to improve their own daily routines.

Which brings me to another point: I’d like to know what your daily routine is. I’m interested in seeing what others are doing so that I can be inspired to make subtle changes in my own life for the better.

So chime in with as few or as many words as you like by leaving a comment below.

Here’s my average day:

7:15 – Wake up
7:45 – 30-minute Walk
8:45 – Starbucks
9:00 – Check email/daily tasks
9:30 – Energy Yoga
10:00 – Team Rhythm Meetings
11:00 – Conference Calls
12:00 – Productive Work
2:30 – Lunch
3:00 – More productive work
7:00 – End Work Day
8:30 – Dinner
11:30 – Neti Pot 😉
12:00 – Sleep
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Author: Segovia Smith

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