Excitement and Exhaustion

madoka kasahara

the-red-machine.jpgI’ve been so busy recently. I go to sleep at around 2 or 3 in the morning, wake up after a few hours, and go to work. The main reason for this crazy schedule is because I’ve been a lot more involved in my acting career. For example, I am invited to the film festival in Prescott, Arizona this week. I have been putting postcards to promote the film, The Red Machine, which I am acting in. I am planning to promote this same movie in an email broadcast as well. Since I finally finished sending off the postcards to casting directors this weekend, I’m now hoping I can send the e-newsletter by Tuesday evening since I will be on live TV on Wednesday morning with the film’s directors to promote our film (it will only be aired in the Arizona state).

Meanwhile, apart from preparing all those materials, there have been other things that I need to take care of, such as meeting with the directors of the film, reading the first draft of scripts with my fellow actors for possible film productions, baby-sitting as a part-time job, memorizing a monologue for the improvisation class that I have been taking, and rehearsing every weekend for a play that I’m doing. The promotional reel for my acting has (finally!!) been uploaded on to YouTube as well.

Because of the pressure and the tight schedule, I ended up getting a bit sick this weekend. I was doing some Sun Salutations on Sunday morning before I felt sick, but my body still felt exhausted, so I slept for most of the day on Sunday. I was debating whether I should go to the improv class that evening but decided to go and was so glad that I did that for myself!

Even though I’m pushing myself so hard to move forward as an actor and am exhausted everyday, it’s still such an excitement for me. I’m so happy to be able to do all of these things. Hopefully, all the hard work I’ve been putting in will lead me somewhere in my acting career in the near future.

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