Holiday Mayhem

angie harris

family-love.jpgAs many of you know, it’s time for the holidays. Which means a lot of people will be bombarding the malls to do their holiday shopping. Even malls that are usually empty are now crowded with people. Malls that have been pretty dormant for most of the year seem to have come alive with the hustle and bustle of crowds.

Of course, with more crowds come more emotions, like stress. People seem to lose any signs of etiquette when it comes to the holidays. I see them arguing and fighting over toys and parking spaces. And, most of all, I see stress – a big energy ball of stress surrounding each individual as they go in search of gifts. These actions from people raise a big flag in my mind to stay away. I take the time to park just a bit further from the entrance of the mall so I don’t have to contend with other drivers. I listen to music while I’m shopping so I can be in my own musical world while I’m waiting in the long lines to purchase my product.

For those of you who were on John’s Call “Om For The Holidays,” he has a wonderful recipe to help reduce the stress for the holidays – which, hopefully, we can all benefit from during this holiday season.

Although this is specifically geared for the holidays, I do think that this recipe should be applied to everyday living. There are some seriously stressed out people out there!

Remember, the holiday is about the gift of giving, but it doesn’t have to be a physical gift. What about the gift of love and compassion to share with your family and loved ones? It’s important to share the gift of being together and to spend time with the ones you love. I think that’s more important than anything that money can buy.

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