A Little Sand on Your Mat?

Paloma Chavez

Yoga on the BeachFor some of us, spending time at the beach may involve just lying on a beach towel with a good book and some suntan lotion, or going for a stroll or a swim. But for the community at Silvershell Beach in Marion, MA, it means reaching for their yoga mats.

Tim Donohue, a certified instructor and founder of the Yoga Kids program in New Bedford, began these outdoor yoga classes at Silvershell Beach two years ago. Since then, he’s found that the classes have attracted a wide range of students – from seniors to small children. No matter what age his students are, though, they all enjoy the summer yoga beach sessions.

Tim continually encourages and reassures his students, telling them “People should not be intimidated. Yoga is not about some guy with a beard putting his ankle behind his head. We want people to relate to it in their regular lives so we stress the breathing part of it and…accepting where you are.”

Yoga Beach classes are currently being offered at 8 am every Tuesday and Thursday during the months of July and August, for a drop-in fee of only $10 a class.

So if you live in the area, why not take a stroll to Silvershell Beach on a Tuesday or Thursday to try out Tim Donohue’s Yoga Beach classes?
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