Yoga in a Box

Paloma Chavez

Yoga FigurinePennsylvania yoga teacher Raymond Daniel Fogleman is committed to inventing new ways to encourage people to try yoga. As he tells it, while sifting through a pile of toys one day, he came across a toy soldier, which gave him the idea of creating a new kind of action toy – the yogi or yogini action figure.

3D Yogis and Yoginis Box of Poses is a new kind of “action toy” that consists of 16 statuettes in various yoga poses. Each piece is 2-3” in size and is made of recycled plastic, paper and cardboard, using non-toxic paint. The entire set comes with an instructional guide that takes you through each yoga pose step-by-step. The guide also provides English and Sanskrit translations of the yoga poses, as well as a basic understanding of the precepts of yoga.

According to Raymond D. Fogleman, “Creating a product that encourages the curious beginner or child to try yoga is the true goal of this project. The product is playful, fun, non intimidating and a positive way to have fun for children and adults.”

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