Free Mommy and Baby Yoga Classes at Lululemon

Christina Souza Ma

momyoga.jpgThis is where Zariyan and I started our Yoga Classes together.

This class used to be taught on their lovely back patio during the warmer months but has since moved into the store itself. First thing in the morning, before we arrive, the wonderful Educators move all the merchandise racks to accommodate us Moms and our babies. The space is small but intimate. The mothers and babies who attend are recurring so that adds to the atmosphere.

Today’s class was taught by Cindi Cnop. She is a wonderful, high spirited instructor, filled with a life force of passion to share yoga. Her classes not only focus on the issue that mother’s experience, but she also makes it a point to involve the babies into the practice. I never thought to do a Tree Pose holding my child and sitting him on the top of my head until I experienced a class with Cindi.

This class is a little more energetic and focuses on strengthening our inner and physical being, and rejuvenating the muscles that were used to support us during pregnancy through to child birth.

Though the classes in the store are wonderful and free, be aware that the Lululemon is open to the public at that time which may not be not be suitable for everyone.

Cindi teaches several levels of Yoga in different areas of Los Angeles. I am looking forward to experiencing her other classes as well.

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Author: Christina Souza Ma

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