World Yoga Day

Paloma Chavez

china.jpgLast year around the world, yoga studios, teachers, and students participated in a 2-hour fundraising yoga session. Each participant was asked to make a donation of their choosing to support the efforts of an organization that is working to uphold human rights in their country.

For the 2007 event over $19,000 dollars was raised to support Medica Mondiale, a group that works for “the elimination of violence against women and girls in Afghanistan.”

On Sunday, February 3rd 2008 World Yoga Day will raise funds for the efforts of the Beijing Amnesty International campaign that is seeking “to urge the Chinese authorities to keep their promise to improve the human rights situation in China…” As a commitment made in relation to the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympics, China authorities were clear in their promise to “help the development of human rights in China.”

Specifically, the funds raised from this event will help to support the creation of activist toolkits for the training and distribution within 5 Amnesty International regional offices.

The World Yoga Day website has a wealth of information if you or your studio would like to participate in this extraordinary event. We at YogaHub will be keeping an eye on the progress of this event, as well as bringing you interviews with participating studios and students.

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