Yoga and Energy Levels

Francesca Silva

energy-level.jpgLast week, my car and I had a falling out. Usually, she behaves herself beautifully and we get along very well together. Not that day, though. For some reason, whenever I pressed my foot on the brakes, there was a loud jarring noise that was disconcerting, to say the least!

Finally, after a few days of this, I decided to take it in to be repaired. So off I drove to my mechanic, who checked it out, gave me the bad news (brakes, suspension…), and then gave me even worse news when he told me how much it would cost! Having no choice in the matter, I left my car in his not-so-tender hands and went home to sulk.

He called me later that day to say my car was ready and it wasn’t going to cost as much as he’d anticipated. Good news from a car mechanic – now that’s rare!

Since the weather was good I decided to get some exercise by walking to the mechanic’s to pick up my car. The walk was all uphill, so while I was convinced that it would be great exercise, I was also wary about how tiring it was going to be.

Well, so much for tiring! I breezed up that hill in no time at all, stopping only to chat with someone (more on that in another blog). Apart from the inevitable fumes from the cars once I reached the highway, I had no trouble with my breathing. I made it to the mechanic’s with nary a puff or a wheeze and could actually have walked more.

My mechanic was surprised – “Wow, you must really exercise a lot to be so fit” was his comment. “Yoga” was my response – and that’s really what I put this newfound energy level down to.

When I stopped taking yoga classes for a while last month, I really noticed the difference, not only in my weight (ouch) and breathing but also in my energy levels. Once I got back into my routine of attending regular classes, my energy levels shot right back up – brilliant!

I really enjoyed my walk, but – okay, I’ll admit it – once I got into my car, it was wonderful to be able to drive back, with both my car and me purring with satisfaction all the way home!
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