Incentives to Keep Up Your Yoga

jane dagny

Piggy BankAt a time when more mom-and-pop stores of all types are closing because people are spending less money, businesses that are staying afloat are finding ways to earn your business and help you save money. During this downturn in the economy, we are even seeing big business disappear. For those that are going strong and still operating, they are changing with the times. They are offering huge incentives and benefits to customers.

Have you seen the car commercials? No maintenance costs for a year, assurance programs that allow you to return a car if you lose your job, or other car manufacturers that will make your monthly payments up to a year due to a job loss.

It seems everywhere I turn there are savings to be had, from clothing to dining out offers. However, if you’re like many Americans, we are keeping a close eye on our pocket books and choosing very carefully where our hard-earned money gets spent. As we cut back on certain luxuries, consider all the important things we need to keep up on, like our health. Let’s face it – stress will take a toll on anybody whether you feel it immediately or later. Everyone has their own way of managing it. Maybe you go for a jog, a hike, or do a certain hobby. Of course, there’s also yoga as another great practice to ease stress.

Studios want you to keep up your physical practice, so they will come up with programs and payment plans to help you save on membership. Some yoga studios are quite generous. I know of one that keeps track of the current classes you are attending and gives it a dollar amount. At the end of the month, it totals your attendance and multiples it by an allotted dollar amount to offer you a good discount on your next set of classes. Check out incentives at your local yoga studio. You’ll pat yourself on the back for attending regularly and smile when you save money the next time you plop your yoga mat down for a good stress-relieving pose.

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2 Responses to “Incentives to Keep Up Your Yoga”

  1. Leah says:

    Yeah, some studios are encouraging their members to bring a friend to a yoga class for free. Another will give you a nice discount on their yoga store if you buy a 10 or 20 class package.

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks for the notice, Leah. I would not be surprised if they also have special events where yoga classes are free on the beach or at the park too. You save money and you get to practice outside.

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