Yoga – a Musical?

Paloma Chavez

Revenge of Yoga the MusicalWho’s taking over yoga in “YogAngeles?” Is it Jackti, the good yogi, or Danny the bad yogi? And who will succeed against the yoga black market and the “YogaBois and YogaGrrls?”

Director and creator Stephen Brown is back again with “Revenge of Yoga the Musical.” The newly developed and expanded version of last year’s “Yoga: The Musical” has gone through an extensive re-imagining with a new cast and musical score.

As the director of the Salt Lake SB Dance, Stephen is well known for his innovative and inventive musical productions. According to SB Dance’s website, “Revenge of Yoga the Musical” is a “curry-flavored funk rock musical about the om-holes of YogAngeles and their quest for Enlightenment Lite.” Stephen Brown explains the story as “It’s about a boy and girl and a yoga mat, and they’re caught in the middle of the battling gurus.”

“Revenge of the Yoga Musical” is an invigorating and energetic satire performed by a talented group of artists. Stephen sums it up best – “It’s Monty Python with a message”!

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