Yoga Takes on Punk Rock

Paloma Chavez

punkrock.jpgIn Chicago, the music is Punk and the practice is Yoga. This goes for Seattle, New York, Toronto and Vancouver. Kimberlee Jensen Stedl began this movement in 2003, as she says “I had a very simple goal: to experiment with live music and yoga and teach in a nightclub setting, hoping to create an atmosphere that would attract teenagers.”

Ms. Jensen Stedl is a professionally trained yoga teacher and has received training from YogaFit, from which she began to teach Punk Rock Yoga as part of her community hours for certification. According to their site she describes it as “Hatha yoga with a twist.” In some sites live music accompanies the class, where people of various ages and backgrounds come together to experience a new way to connect.

For the founder of Punk Rock Yoga part of her intent was to “… scrub the elitism and rigidity out of modern yoga. And in all of our Punk Rock Yoga classes we infuse this sense of joy and lightness of being and sense of humor into our classes.”

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