Yoga as Shape-Shifting

Margaret Kruszewska

Yoga ShapesSometimes, when I move through the yoga asanas. When I’m really just following my breath and not too concerned with the right place for my every finger and toe. When I trust the rhythm the yoga teacher has set or feel the changes in a music selection leading me.

Sometimes, I feel myself as a Cobra and a Fish and Tree. Sometimes it’s as if I go through the whole evolutioYoga Shapesnary circle. I am crawling and then rising and standing upright with arms to the stars, now soaring and then hugging the earth.

If my body is capable of moving this way, then why not as the wind or the sun. Why not as the ray of light or that winter shadow.

As the shapes shift-I change.

Now a bird, now a rock, now a child, now a warrior.

The muscles remembering every cell lived every where.

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