Yoga as a Practice

Margaret Kruszewska

One of the reasons yoga has survived is that it provides some very practical instructions for dealing with what ails us.  Suffering and pain can take on many forms, as anxiety or depression, heart “aches”, overstimulated organs, overworked muscles etc.

Yoga doesn’t just say to study these concepts and think about them or discuss them or write papers about them, nor does it say to pray and hope for the best (although all these can also be used)- yoga is a way to possibly change some of that pain and suffering.  It is a method to tranformation.

That’s why yoga is considered a practice, not a religion or a theology or even a philosophy.  It’s something you practice.  Maybe you come into a cross-legged sitting pose occasionally, or maybe you roll your mat out everyday, but you practice and practice —

until you’re practicing with your every breath.

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