Where I Look is What I See

Margaret Kruszewska

There is an Indic wisdom that goes:
“Where the hand goes, the glance follows, 
Where the glances lead, the mind follows, 
Where the mind goes, there the mood follows 
Where the mood goes, there is “rasa” born.” 

Rasa is the juice of life, the essence, that which moves us – to adore, to grieve, to love, to revolt, to embrace – to be moved because we recognize it as the actual passion of our wanting to experience life.

Today I was sitting on the top step leading to my apartment because the view of the trees is absolutely amazing from there.  I often sit there when I’m having my breakfast or lunch because it’s truly the best seat in the house! 

Except today I noticed that, during the whole time I was eating my salad; my gaze was fixated on the step immediately below me.  I was feeling “very serious” about my life all morning, OK even worried about this and that and so I had forgotten what the whole point was of me sitting on this tiny stoop-to see the hundreds of trees and plants around me!

As soon as I lifted my gaze, everything lifted.  What was I thinking about?  And how blessed I was to be sitting on a November morning outside in the winter sun eating fresh greens and surrounded by squirrels chasing up trees and birds hopping from one delicate berry tree to another.

This winter and in my asana practice, I will remind myself to notice where I look

so that I understand what I see!

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